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This was a game I made with 3 friends for a 24 hour game making challenge at college. We were given 3 key words; spirit, jungle and friction.

Movement is WASD or Arrow Keys, strike is Left Click or Left Ctrl, jump is Space and sprint is Left Shift.

The point of the game is too make it back to civilization without going insane while being surrounded by ghosts. Your sanity goes down when your torch goes out. You relight the torch by striking it against a rock. Jumping, striking and sprinting all make the torch run out faster.

The trees came from a Unity asset called Asset Painter, the music was done by some of the college music students, and we got some 3D modeling help from a Games Design student.

Install instructions

You require the Unity Web Player to play the web version in your browser.

There is an exe in the ZIP file that can run on most Windows systems.

For the best experience run at 1600:900 or else the sanity bar may not show up.


LightHaven.zip 57 MB


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